6 Tips for a Poker Player Girlfriend


Success in poker depends not just on the skill of the player and the luck he’s got. It is also influenced by his inner atmosphere and the conditions of his surroundings. Girlfriends and wives who go long with poker players are able to create this comfortable environment and help reaching a maximal success. PokerDiscover decided to advise you on how to better understand your man and come to a better understanding of each other.

1. Learn to play poker

This is our first and the most important tip. You don’t have to play poker but you at least have to know the rules. Only after you understand the game a little you will be able to understand your man. In addition to that, common interests are useful the relationship. Read some articles on the poker web sites or forums. Be up-to-date. Trust us; your man will definitely appreciate it! You will be able to go to live tournaments together and play online! Who know, you might soon win your first tournament.

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Jason and Natasha Mercier

2. Get some patience

Poker players tend to have mood changes as after the series of good luck often follows a bad luck run. Just distract him, go to the cinema, theatre or restaurant. He will see you tries and the up streak will come his way.

3. Do not distract

Remember! Do not distract your boyfriend while he’s playing online! Don’t come to him asking: boy, what are you doing? What kind of tournament is that? How much can you win here? How many chips have you got? Is it good or bad? Kiss me? Why do you call here? Look at me! Poker is more important to you and so on.

Trust us, instead of a lovely kiss you might hear something bad about you. You irritate him with every question like this. Remember, poker is a hard work, and he goes for work for you as well.

4. Support him

The most important thing is to support a man as he climbs towards new tops and thriving. Try to get him positive, become a home therapist for him. Surround him with attention and care.

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Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly

5. Get along with the thought you’ll sleep alone for quite some time

Most of the big online tournaments take place in the evening or night so you’ll be hugging a pillow instead of your beloved one. Try to get along with the thought. Imagine that your boyfriend or husband works at a nightshift at a very prestigious job, and the things will come their way.

6. Trust him

From time to time, he will leave the house to visit a live tournament or to spend an evening with his poker friends. Don’t be jealous, don’t ask to take you with him. Trust us, from time to time he need to change the environment and play a tournament or to avoid some routine.

Vanessa Selbst with her wife Miranda Forster

7. Find yourself a hobby

To sit at home all day waiting for the tournament break to exchange a couple of words is a not very good thing. Just find yourself a hobby, visit some courses and seminars. Your man will say you thanks!
Just follow our tips, and your life will improve. Love poker! As thanks to it you have a full life, unlike some other. Love your man with all his advantages and fails. You will get some marvelous bonuses – amazing trips, travels, unexpected presents and great wins.

Being a poker player’s girlfriend is a profession! Being a poker player’s girlfriend is not an easy task but love and faith will prevail.

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